Friday, January 29, 2016

Kane County Sheriff EOW Coin: Stamped Brass/Hard Enamel, Transparent Paint

Under Armor Tactical: Brass/Hard Enamel, 3-D

Salt Lake Police Department Motor Unit: Helmet Badges

New Lenox Fore Dept.: Stamped Brass/Hard Enamel, 2-Tone

Las Vegas Metro PD: Stamped Brass/Hard Enamel, Transparent Paint

Phoenix PD Super Bowl Detail Coin: Brass/Hard Enamel, Reverse 3-D

1BCT Special Troops: Brass/Soft Enamel, High Relief 3-D

IYAAYAS Pot Coin: Brass/Hard Enamel, 3-D, Translucent Paint

Air Force Patches: 100% Stitch
Columbus PD Badge Patch: 100% Stitch

Bowie PD MD: Stamped Iron/Soft Enamel

DHS Law Enforcement Coin: Stamped Brass/Soft Enamel, 3-D,

US Mint PD: Brass/Hard Enamel, Rope Line Border, Engraved

US Mint PD TN: Brass/Hard Enamel, 3-D, Rope Line Border

Indian Hills PD OH: Brass/Hard Enamel Petal Edge

University of Kentucky PD: Brass/Hard Enamel Printed
Armor of God Key Chain: Brass/Soft Enamel 3-D

AFOSI Reserve: Brass/Hard Enamel Printed

Denver Broncos Special Team Player: Brass/Soft Enamel 3-D

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office SWAT: Brass/Hard Enamel Engraved
BOSS Security Lapel Pin: Brass/Hard Enamel
Armor of God Patch: 100% Stitch
Crescent City PD CA: 100% Stitch Patch
Cheyenne PD WY Mounted Unit Patch: 100% Stitch Patch
Columbus PD IN: 75% Stitch Patch

Fallen Soldier Coin; Stamped Iron/Soft Enamel
Toxic Baseball Key Chain: Iron/Soft Enamel/Glitter Paint
Raptors Baseball Key Chain: Zinc/Soft Enamel
Muscogee Creek Nation Key Chain: Brass/Hard Enamel

Lee's Summit PD: Brass/Hard Enamel